Our Vision

The true measure of success is the level of involvement and impact one has in their community.

Ignat Kaneff

We are pioneers in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and the Golden Horseshoe for over 65 years. Over the years, Kaneff has built thousands of homes, including condo, rental and traditional single family homes,  for our valued clients and community members. We are respected for our first class developments, which both improve neighbourhoods and create desirable residences for clients who seek to enjoy our product. The Kaneff signature has been twofold: to deliver a superior building product and create value for our customers. For more than six decades, we have helped to build the communities in which we live and in which we continue to reinvest,  all the while helping to shape our communities’ neighbourhoods.

We have prided ourselves on designing high quality buildings that in turn allow for our clients to benefit from high returns on their investments. Keystone is a project we have envisioned building for over 20 years. Seeing it come to fruition is part of our legacy for Mississauga. The entire Kaneff Group family is working very hard to ensure your family has access to the best product on the market!

Keystone is a landmark, located just steps away from everything a modern homeowner needs, yet positioned in a tranquil location, surrounded by a private natural setting. The buildings have their exclusive traffic lights, which we are certain everyone will appreciate in comparison with other busy and overpopulated central locations. We designed it with everyone in mind, offering amenities such as a gorgeous swimming pool, thoughtful children’s area, modern exercise facilities and more.

Our units are larger, more affordable, and we respect the pride of ownership! Kaneff builds homes with your family in mind, allowing for your new home to accommodate life’s changes.

Ignat (Iggy) Kaneff, C.M., IInt, LL.D. (Hon)
Founder of the Kaneff Group

Founder Ignat Kaneff was a land and home developer, builder, visionary and philanthropist. He was an icon of admiration in the real estate industry and was a beloved member of the Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area Communities.

An immigrant to Canada nearly 67 years ago, he entered the country with no formal education and limited ability to communicate in English. Working as a labourer for a building company in Mississauga, he was quickly inspired to achieve his own success in the industry. After just one year in Canada, Mr. Kaneff purchased his first home, which he eventually mortgaged to purchase two more, laying the foundation for his own company’s legacy.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Kaneff built his first apartment building, pioneering the first high-rise building in Mississauga’s history. The Kaneff building are a staple in the heart of Mississauga’s City Centre.

Kaneff Properties has over 5,000 family homes, high-rise apartments, office buildings, retail commercial plazas and golf courses developed and managed in the last 65 years. What set Mr. Kaneff apart was his commitment and reputation of hard work, honesty and unwavering focus on quality and community in every development he sets out to create.

Accolades & Achievements

  • Order of Canada- Canada (2016)
  • Honorary Degree of Bachelor of Applied Studies- Sheridan College (2015)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – Ruse University, Bulgaria (2013)
  • Order of Ontario- Canada (2011)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – York University (2010)
  • Order of ‘Stara Planina’ First Degree – Bulgaria’s Highest Honour- Republic of Bulgaria (2002)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – University of Toronto (1994)